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    About & Purpose/Mission

    Creator/Founder of SOALightSHC

    I Am AleciaVelma_HBOP (Hummingbird of Paradise) a free spirit/light being of the universe. Pure Energy.


    I Am a loving mother, grandmother, godmother, surrogate mother, aunt, great aunt, good friend to many, a teacher, community organizer and a catalyst (one who brings people together), and a supporter of communities/organizations that contribute to creating a world for All. My purpose is to assist in lighting the spark within to unfold one's soul purpose and mission and end "The Great Divide"*. I use Sankofa Yoga which incorporates Breathing, Sacred Heart Therapy, Meditation, some Tapping, & Qigong, along with other community Specialists. I encourage participation, discussions, resources and references. I also encourage conscious and healthier eating habits, the importance of slowing down and taking time for self, to work co-operatively, build on community and improve our world.

    I continue to grow by walking and living the path of Love & Light, to bridge the gap between us, our children, our elderly and "The Great Divide"* I encourage the One-ness and Greatness in us all, seeing our reflections in each other, assisting in recognizing "The God" within regardless of chosen path. Also, I encourage how to use all the lessons from the past to make a better world for us all.

    I have taught children and young people as well as the elderly for a span of 55 plus years. I taught and practice Sankofa Yoga for over 20 years. I hold a degree in Biological Technology. I AM a certified Yoga Therapist and Reiki Master. I AM also a retired librarian and researcher. I have practiced natural health and healing since 1974 and was raised in a family that inspired health, nutrition, family and spiritual values. I also use my life's journey and lessons for teaching.


    Children - "The Fruit of our Labor"- Our Reflection / The Future:

    I have always loved children even when I was a child. I have always loved and still love the child in me.

    Our children are our must "precious fruits of our labor". They are the "essence & innocence” of life itself. They come fresh from "The Creator" with their unique gifts and soul's purpose, with wisdom, a knowing; also with messages. If we listen, we can also learn from them. They bring joy and are a joy, bring lessons and challenges for our growth.

    I believe we must seek & observe our children, first, to find out their passion, talents and gifts are. With that information; we can nurturer, teach, guide and direct them on their proper path. (NOT CONTROL THEM OR MOLD THEM IN OUR IMAGE OR EXPECTATIONS). They need our patience, support, respect, listening ear, guidance, example & understanding.

    I believe all teaching should be from the inside out. Not from the outside in, as it is done in many of our current families, educational systems, homes, churches and society. We need to allow our children to question and explore. Encourage curiosity. There is no dumb question! We should not be afraid to say we don't know the answer. They are unique, like we are unique, with our own unique purpose and gifts to contribute.

    *Don't be afraid to enjoy the child in you. (It is about balance)


    Elders - Wisdom/Experience:

    I have also been attracted to and worked with our elders. I love sitting at the feet of the elders listening to and hearing their stories and advice.

    Our elders carry the experience and the wisdom of their journey to share and leave messages behind, before they return to "The Creator". We should listen and learn from them. They also need our compassion, patience, support, respect, assistance and understanding. Many of us need to realize we all are headed in that direction.


    Our Souls/Spirits:

    We are all on a journey, seeking, learning, growing and exploring. We are forever students; even in transition to the next stage of our soul's journey, be it here on earth or elsewhere in the universe. There is no death. Our souls "change form" (transition), like all living things on planet Earth, as Earth itself does! A great cycle.


    All my life, I have been drawn to the wisdom, joy and the energy of children and elders. I believe both should be loved, nurtured, respected, assisted and cared for by us. We, those of us in “the middle” are "the bridge". I grow and learn everyday listening to, talking to, helping and watching the children and the elderly (since I first created this page, I have become an elder - LOL).


    I walk, talk, dance, sing, with guidance of "The Creator", my Army of Ancestors and Spirit Guides.

    *Note: "The Great Divide" - from "The Creator"/Source/"God"/Energy into sexes, cultures, "so-called" races, religions, beliefs, class, political ideology, age, size, shape, color, physical appearance, physically/mentally challenged,  etc...














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    by avsj (c) 2012 

    I AM ME

    I AM the Universe. I walk, talk, move & live with God in me & all around me.

    I Am Love!

    I Am Peace! I Am Power! I Am Wise!

    I Am Grateful! I Am Happy! I Am Light!

    I Am Blessed! I Am Abundant! I Am Creative! I Am Healthy!

    I Am Beautiful inside & out!

    My purpose to love unconditionally, to teach, learn & grow, to be of service, use my gifts & talents for my highest good my greatest joy & for the greatest good for all mankind & the universe!!!

    To Be of the Highest & Greatest Intentions with Integrity, Compassion, Understanding, Patience, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Humility, Harmony, Balance & Order within the Sacred Heart of the Christ Principles of Love.

    I Am so Fulfilled & Satisfied that I Am Happy All the Time!!!

    I Am Free!!!

    I Am You, You Are Me

    I Am, We Are!!!


    I will be a hummingbird - Wangari Maathai (English) Video:







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    Dr. John Henrik Clarke


    A quote from one of my elders now an Ancestor, Dr. John Henrik Clarke

    "You can tell the conditions of a society by the way they treat their women, children and their elderly".

    John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk:





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    I strive to live by "The Rule of Gold":


    TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED" and a quote outside the

    US Library of Congress, James Madison Building, by James Madison:


    "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives"!!!

    (Note: not weapons, money or material things)





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    Who is Dr. Carter G. Woodson:



    Dr. Woodson's book "The Mis-education of the Negro".

    (I say should be re-named the "The Mis-education of ALL PEOPLE")...

    < ------:wrote

    I Repeat:

    Yes, "That Which we teach our selves.

    (There are numerous avenues of higher learning.)





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    A Message of Opening to the Change

    Within You and Around You

    2012 and Beyond the Age of Aquarius


    This is a time for Extraordinary, Unconventional, Evolutionary Change: Expansion of Consciousness and Expansion of the Heart (We All Chose to Come Here at this time to do the Work -Are You Ready???) :

    Global Acceptance, Compassion, Cooperation, Equity and Equality, Humility, Inclusiveness, Respect & Service. Great change in all areas of human activity- Agriculture, Arts & Humanities, Communications, Culture, Economics, Education, Entertainment, Government, Labor, Law, Politics, Recreation & Religion reaching the core/ heart of all religions, spiritual practices, science and the laws of the universe: (do unto others, cause & effect, what goes around comes around, what goes up must come down, reap what you sow, etc..)


    Release attitudes, ideas, blame, beliefs, careers, false pride, fear, people, competition, and places that no longer serve your highest good, with love and compassion.

    This is the time for you to use your "God" given talents and gifts for

    Community with Action, Peace, Service, Support, Cooperation and Unity (agree to disagree without being disagreeable).

    To Create Heaven Here on Earth!

    Are your thoughts, deeds and words in harmony and balance within to create honest intentions, integrity, greatest good, greatest joy and the greatest good for self & others?

    You Are Divine ... We Are Divine...

    We are ALL Made in the Image of Our Creator.

    We are all given Free Will.

    But the strength of free will is knowing when to surrender, use humility and ask for help. It is there for the asking.

    "Remember Love is Unity and Cooperation of the *Heart & Mind!"

    *(Remember the physical body only dies/transforms when the heart no longer works not the brain).

    Please share this site and use this information for us to make a better Earth and Universe. Feel free to contact me if you want to contribute or partner in any way to fulfill our mission.

    There are and will be local & national events posted on the Events calendar.

    Please feel free to comment, tweet, subscribe and/or follow me.

    (Also Click any reference links to get to the entire article from other sites as well as the videos or music.)


    I AM Because You Are - You are Because I AM !!!

    We are spiritual beings having a human experience in the Circle of Life 

    (which is really simple but we have made it difficult).


    Sending You Love & Light !!!

    Receiving Your Love & Light !!!

    Alecia Velma





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    "Know Yoself Love Yoself"





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    Mission & Purpose

    The purpose of this website is to share spiritual, social, political, healthy & nutritional information, resources and events. To light the spark within, raise the vibrational frequency & energy and unfold the wisdom & Love within.


    To tape into that which you already know and bring it forward for:

    Our highest good

    Our greatest Joy

    Our Divine Intentions

    The Greatest Good for ALL Mankind, the Earth & the Universe

    "Heaven Here On Earth"

    with Unconditional Love!


    We are a micro-universe, which contains the elements: fire, air, water, earth and ether. We are products of nature as are the animals, plants, rocks, earth and minerals. Even though we are individually unique, with our own unique gifts and talents, we are also alike, connected, dependent on each other and the environment that we all share.

    We are born perfect the way we are. We have everything we need. We only need to recognize, understand, realize, accept, surrender, tap into and learn how to utilize all that we already have and are. We are all on a journey to "Know Our God-Selves", by seeing it in others as well as ourselves and to make this a better world for us all.

    Everything The Creator gave us we came here with, we just have to be still, listen, feel and go within. As we go within the universe unfolds. The outside world is just a reflection of what is going on inside. Where there is true unconditional love inside, there is true unconditional love outside. Where there is fear (hurt, pain, anger, insecurities, jealousy, envy, resentments. judgments, greed, arrogance) inside, there is fear on the outside and all around. We are a reflection of what we believe, think, feel and perceive.

    Leon Thomas The Creator Has A Master Plan.



    by Leon Thomas & Pharoah Sanders






    Material things (attachments to people, families, homes, our bodies, so-called property, vehicles, clothes, class, race, ethnicity, culture, sex, differences, professions, electronic toys, etc.) are part of our bountiful creativity. These things should not define us, control us or manipulate us. They are all temporary. We came here individually and we will leave here individually, not attached to anyone or anything else but as the Divine Soul that is apart of The One. Gifts of the Spirit are greater than earthly things. Live from your Heart. The greatest gifts we can give ourselves, each other, our families, our communities, our country, our planet and everything in the universe are unconditional love, respect, compassion and understanding.

    Honesty is the highest form of love. Forgiveness is the highest form of healing, first for self and others. The way to peace within and without is to connect with the joy, the innocence of the child within and live a life of service, to ourselves, to others and the planet. In serving each other with unconditional love, compassion, honest intentions, respect and understanding we all become FREE....


    ***NOTE: Meaning of SOALightSHC Logo - Whole & Healthy purple heart in the center with the golden light of four directions shining from within outward, surrounded by the green & pink hearts (4th chakra colors) forming female & male superimposed over one another to form the "Star of David" (two pyramids, symbolizing balance & harmony, female & male aspects of all life) with a thin silver chord connecting them, surrounded by the cyclical blue light of protection, invisibility and reflection of Love & Light, and the golden light of the Omnipotent/Omnipresence/Omniscient Creator constantly spiraling in 6 directions: within, without, above, below, left & right.



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    by Ayanna Gregory
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    by Sean Jazzman Carter
    on album "Ngoma Na Ra Fiki"


    1st                             Last       

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    We  Are One



  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    27 mars 2022 · Traditional Medicine,Health,Health Nutrition-Integrative Medicine
  • Projects/Programs

    "Travel while you're young and able. Don't worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be."

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    Healthy Habits & Nutrition

    Breath, Exercise, Nature, Slowing Down, Detachment from things, Conscious Eating, Meditation & Mindfulness

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    From Dis-ease to At Ease

    Mind, Body, Emotions, Spirit - Recognize and grow from the lessons.

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    Balance Within & Without

    Education & Health, starts within

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    Unity, Respect, Compassion, Service, Cooperation Understanding & Unconditional Love

    "Agree to disagree without being disagreeable."

  • Since 1999 I taught Sankofa Yoga, Conscious Eating, Healthy Habits & Meditation at the following schools and program as well as individually.

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    Sidwell Friends Middle & High Schools

    "Sidwell Friends School is a dynamic educational community grounded in the Quaker belief that there is “that of God in everyone.” Individually and collectively, we challenge ourselves to pursue excellence in academic, athletic, and artistic realms. We are committed to the joys of exploration and discovery. Differences among us enhance intellectual inquiry, expand understanding, and deepen empathy. The Quaker pillars of the School inspire active engagement in environmental stewardship, global citizenship, and service. We find strength in reflection and shared silence. At the heart of each endeavor, we strive to discern deeper truths about ourselves and our common humanity, preparing students and adults to “let their lives speak.”

    "Harnessing the Power of Youth and Curiosity"

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    Ideal Academy Independent School Washington, DC

    "The Whole Child"

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    Kaiser Permanente Thriving After 60

    "The Thriving After 60 (TA60) community is dedicated to keeping its members mentally and physically healthy—and having a good time in the process."

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    “In God I Move & Have my Being”, God exists everywhere in the Universe. Our Earth is our University of polarities (opposites). Our mission here is to strive toward balancing the polarities within and without. We ALL CAME from the same source, release your judgments, see & accept the oneness of us All. INTOLERANCE OF ANY ethnicity, religion, beliefs, political ideology, sex, sexual preference, racism, classism, age, culture, physically/mentally challenged, shape, size or anti-nature, are in opposition to the universe. This is what we stand for, many others before us, many right beside us and All holding the LIGHT. Open your Hearts and Mind. Respect yourself and each other, even if they seem different from you. We are more alike than different. Agree to disagree! The challenges we experience on our journey are just lessons for our own growth. You are not your life. You are Spirit.

    Light's Oneness Vibrating Eternally


    Your Oneness Gaining Ascension

    raising the frequency of (the)

    Spirit's Oneness Uniting Love



    Love Peace & Harmony

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    Contact Alecia Velma_HBOP!

    or Call 1 (667) 335-1770 (please leave your name, a brief message & a call back number. We will return your call.)